Thursday, August 25, 2011

If a baseball game was played, but no one was there to see it...

...would that game really have been played?

Here are pictures tweeted by reporters from the Sun Life Stadium press box during yesterday's Marlins-Reds doubleheader.

This proves two theories:

 - Baseball is DEAD in South Florida
 - Miami is the WORST sports city in America

If Jeffrey Loria, the Marlins incompetent owner, thinks his shiny new stadium being built on the site of the demolished Orange Bowl is going to help matters, I beg to differ. By the second year, it will be just as empty.


  1. Doug, you're right to a point. Miami is a terrible sports city and I don't think a new venue will save it either.

    But with that said, can you really blame fans for choosing hurricane preparations/evacuation over baseball?

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