Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doug Returns to Radio

The Brewers sure went out there and proved that their road woes were just a first half aberration, right? Sheesh. As for the silver lining, it's just one game, and there always is tomorrow, right?

True, but at some point, if they plan on contending in 2011, losing to clearly inferior teams, and looking bad doing it is no way to show your fans that you have a shot to be playing ball in October.

Anyway...speaking of tomorrow, I will be on Phil Cianciola's daily "PhilCast" show hosted by

For those asking me when I will return to radio, the answer will be announced with Phil tomorrow. Not to blow smoke up anyone's rear, because I've always had much too much respect for you guys to build you up to a "SPECIAL, MIND-BLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT COMING UP AT 7:05!!!" and then it's something like a new sponsor...which is great for us, and great for them...but really means nothing to you, the listener. Just sayin'...

What I can tell you right now is this:
  • I am returning to terrestrial radio
  • I am returning very soon, and will be hosting a sports talk show
  • This is not a permanent, every day show at this point
  • I am continuing to have meetings with stations and am very encouraged by our discussions
My final promise to you is this. I'll keep you in the loop. You guys have been an incredible source of strength for me and my family. Your words of kindness and encouragement have meant the world to us. It is a debt I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay.

Thank you!! And be sure to tune into the PhilCast tomorrow at!


  1. Great to hear,hope it all works out for you. Mornings on WSSP are awful now.

  2. This is just what I needed to bring the week to an uplifting end! I can't stand what you left behind. I try and try, but, in the words of Sir Charles, "it's turrible, just turrible!"