Monday, July 18, 2011

So Long, IWS

By now, some of you have heard that the magazine I have had the privilege of writing for the last 18 months, Inside Wisconsin Sports, will no longer be printed.

That any new magazine was able to last in this economic climate for more than six years is nothing short of miraculous, until you spend some time with the incredibly talented and passionate publishing professionals I had the joy of working for. The newspaper and magazine industry is suffering in no small measure because of today’s instant gratification society where the printed page is becoming a dinosaur. For a monthly like IWS, that’s a shame because we were never a news publication – we just tried to tell the best stories we could about the things we, as Wisconsin sports fans, care about.

IWS covered Wisconsin sports at every level – from preps to pros – and everything in between. The photography was phenomenal, with the likes of David Bernacchi, Chad Hug, Mike Roemer, and David Slutka gracing our publication with their talent. I had the honor of working with some of these artists on photo shoots, and can tell you that they made the pages of IWS sing.

To my editor, Mike Beacom, I just want to say a very sincere thank you for giving me the chance to explore my passion of writing features about things I care about. From my look at the rise and fall of the Milwaukee Braves, to telling the rest of the state about the incredible tennis guru of Neenah, Warren Whitlinger, Mike’s vision and support will never be forgotten.

To our publisher Chad Greipentrog, managing editor Emily Attwood, and creative designer Kelli Cooke: Thank you for making IWS something I was so proud to tell people about. It is an association that while brief, was extremely satisfying and rewarding to me, and something I will always look back on with pride.

Every Friday, here at, I have what I call a “Flashback Friday” when I dip into the archives and bring you something you might not have seen before. I’m thrilled to be able to bring you some of the stories I was allowed to tell by Mike Beacom over at IWS.

On another totally unrelated note, my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery go out to my friend Jen Lada. Jen suffered a broken collarbone and other injuries while involved in a serious biking accident on Saturday morning. Her doctors told her that her helmet probably saved her life. Just some food for thought the next time you head out on the road yourself. Wear your helmet!

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