Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making Sense of the NFL Lockout

Maybe this will help?

Random Tweets from the Thursday Night in the NFL:

PriscoCBS Pete Prisco
Wasn't this supposed to get done if players got 50-percent of the money without $1billion coming off the top? this deal gives them that.

Greg_A_Bedard Greg A. Bedard
High-ranking NFLPA source told me 45 min ago: "Tell everyone to calm down. Haven't come this far to derail a deal."

GregJennings Greg Jennings
This lockout is an absolute mess. Players are just ready to play the game we love & get back to entertaining the fans who truly support us.

jasonjwilde Jason Wilde
I'm sure others have said this already, but just had a player tell me, "It's not even the same deal we talked about with the owners."

AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
Bills S George Wilson on ESPN: "This is nothing more than an attempt to get the fans to turn on the players." Doesn't expect a vote Friday.

PackerReport Packer Report
#Packers Murphy: It’s great for the Packers to have labor peace. We’re looking at a 10-year agreement — I think that’s great for everybody.

michaelombardi Michael Lombardi
This is the NFL version of Bush vs Gore. Whoever wins Florida wins.

@SI_PeterKing Peter King
Just wrote a revised story for, including the Berthelsen email. This deal is in major trouble. (No duh.) Will post link soon.

JeffPassan Jeff Passan
I hope fans are smart enough to realize what the NFL did to the NFLPA today was essentially kick them in the nuts and ask them to smile.

SBJLizMullen Liz Mullen
Hearing the union reformation process the owners want would deprive players of any real opportunity to bargain over CBA issues. #NFL

jayfeely Jay Feely
A 10 yr agreement has implications on current players, future players ad past players. It is our duty to proceed with caution and logic. »

jayfeely Jay Feely
A lot of criticism of greedy players not taking deal. We are being prudent business men. We need to review the offer & it's new terms first

PriscoCBS Pete Prisco
I'll be honest. I think the owners gave in a lot. I am surprised at what they gave.


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